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Corropass Pro 2000

The Corropass Pro 2000 is based on our largest testing and analysis system, the Corropass Pro 3000, which consists of an electromagnet weighing approximately 500 kg with an attached sensor unit. The magnet has a width of 2.0m and is mounted on an electrically guided drive unit. The sensor unit measures both in the active (magnetizing) magnetic field and in the passive (remanent) magnetic field. Due to the lower weight compared to the large measuring unit, the Corropass Pro 2000 is very manoeuvrable and easy to handle. This makes it particularly suitable for confined measuring situations, such as floor slabs in parking lots and narrow pedestrian bridges. The measuring unit can inspect a concrete surface of up to 2000 m² per day, depending on the type of measuring device.


The advantages of this testing and analysis system are summarized below:

  • the measurement can be carried out independently of the surface condition of the concrete surface (surface covering or asphalt / milled concrete surface),
  • the width of the measurement data logger of the attached sensor unit is 2.0 m,
  • no previous position determination of the transverse tendons with e.g. georadar necessary,
  • per day, up to 1,200 m of a lane can be measured corresponding to an area of approximately 2000 m²,
  • the measurement software allows an initial assessment of the condition immediately after the measurement,
  • A detailed evaluation of the measurement data is carried out later by computer-aided refined evaluation.

Technical specifications

  • Measurement object: cracks of prestressing or reinforcing steel in concrete
  • Measuring depth: 200 mm
  • Measuring width: 2000 mm
  • Measuring speed: max. 1m/s
  • Measuring capacity: up to 2000 m²/day
  • Power supply: 400V, 50Hz, 10 kW